BY Sandra Turner

April 7th, 2022


Bullet Points to Success

Would you like to know some “bullet points to success”?  They will watch over you as you move through your management and leadership career.

  • Do not forget what it was like to be a non-management employee no matter where you go in your career, no matter what you’re doing, no matter who you’re talking with, no matter who’s reporting you and no matter what level you’re at.

If you’re at your first level of management, don’t forget what it was like to be a non-management employee.  If you are moving up the management level, don’t forget what it was like to be one step back. Be willing to put yourself in their shoes so you can see things from their perspective, so you can determine how they just might think.

  • Don’t let your tie cut off the flow to your head.

What that’s really saying is, as you move up the management ladder, as you get more responsibilities, don’t start acting like you forgot the great skills that got you to where you are.  When I had my first management job, I had to wear a tie.  This is where this came from. Don’t put your tie on so tight that you cut off the flow of blood to your head and you lose your ability to think correctly.

  • firm, fair, and friendly.

This is a great one. This is one I received from the first district manager that promoted me.  I have used this one my entire career.  Your employees are looking for you to be consistent. They want you to be fair and they don’t want their head bit off every time you talk to them.  They want to know that when they interact with you, you will interact with them as people with value.

These three things, if you are firm, fair and friendly, you will get cooperation, you will get respect and you will get results. Of that, there is no question. Firm, fair and friendly; they’re tools that you can use with anybody.  In business you need these three things.  I pass them along to you and I challenge you to look at your demeanor, your relationships with people, to be firm, fair, and friendly. Whether it’s your employees, whether it’s your peers, whether it’s the people you report to, whether it’s businesspeople outside of your company, hold onto those three relationship characteristics.  They will take you places!

  • Don’t compromise the values that gave you your opportunity, now or in the future.

You were promoted because you had something valuable, something special.  You are successful in business because what you have is valuable. Hold on to them! You can certainly develop more, but don’t let go of those things that gave you your opportunity in the first place.  You will experience one of the most valuable realities of life on all fronts.  Success happens through people!  Go for it, experience it and ride the wave!

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